How to crochet a right triangle



Hello Crochet Mixers in my last post I gave you a little insight on affordable yarn on and offline. I hope it helped , I wanted to help people who may live in small towns ( like myself) or may not have the means to get the quality of yarn you are looking for. This factor makes the internet highly effective. There is no limit to the quality of yarn you can get, which is amazing. In that sense, I love the endless possibilites that the internet gives deprived crochet artists. Please read my post and tell me how you liked it.


I began my blog with total concentration on basic shapes. I have elaborated on the circle and triangle in prior posts and encouraged my followers to use my free pattern to learn the fundamentals of crocheting those shapes. I know you are busy but please, stop by and take a gander.


I am not finished with the triangle yet, I still have another pattern for you guys. In the last post I crocheted a isosceles triangle which looks something like this: I hope that my instructions were clear enough, because it is very easy to confuse people. Especially, when you do things very unorthodox like myself, hehehe! Now we are going to concentrate on the right triangle. In all actuality, the two triangles are something alike, but the way you use them may be different.


Basic differences between the crocheting isosceles and right triangle


I told you that two triangles make a square, which is not true all of the time. When two isosceles triangle are sewn together they make more of a rectangle shape, because the isosceles triangle is more of a cone shape, which makes it kind of oblong. That is probably why the foundation chain is different. I start out with a 3 stitch cast on with the isosceles, with the right triangle I cast on 4 stitches to begin!


So today we will be crocheting a right triangle (technically an isosceles right triangle, but this is not physics) and hopefully you will grasp the basic differences and create your own pattern. Please send me your lovely pics and feel free to as me ANY questions about the pattern. Oh wait, before you start I have to say that I crochet this triangle using the front and back loops. Even though it is not necessary that you do the same, It will look more like the picture is you use both loops.


So without further ado my right triangle pattern, enjoy! Hey meet me here next week for my two cents on squares.