How to increase when crocheting in a circle

Hello, welcome to the Crochet Mix ! Today we will be talking about increasing in a round.

If you are crocheting a hat or anything where you have to add stitches , at some point you will be doing something called increasing. Increasing is adding stitches in certain rows so the project will gradually grow in size. Increases are worked in a series of rows, so that the transition of growth will be smooth and unnoticeable.

There are many ways to increase but , it almost always begins with math. You might want to determine how many stitches are in an inch. I like to take this measurement first, so I am familiar with how much larger the gauge will become when I crochet X amount of stitches. This way I will have a better idea of how much my project will increase in size, by row.

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How to measure the head for a crochet hat properly


Hello, I am Tiffany of the Crochet Mix and I will be teaching you how to take an accurate measurement of a head for a crochet hat, or any other projects that uses round rows. When crocheting a hat taking accurate measurements can be confusing, well for me anyway. I think that crocheting in a round can seem overwhelming if you do not learn the foundations of measuring circles. Many have questions like, after I measure my head what do I do?

When measuring crochet rounds ,place tape measure in the center of the circle

When measuring crochet rounds ,place tape measure in the center of the

Answer: When measuring your head you have to take the circumference of the measurement. You remember those boring days in math class when the teacher was lecturing the class about diameter, circumference, and that other one what was it, pi! Now do you remember? I knew you would.

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