Build your crochet arsenal on a shoestring budget , Post 2 : Finding affordable yarn

Last week I started a series of articles called,” How to build your crochet arsenal on a shoe string budget”, and my major focus of that article was crochet hooks. In that post, I encouraged my readers to make their own crochet hooks and even tried to expand their thoughts on how to parlay it into their own hook business.

I asked my readers to go on Amazon and other business websites,who are known for selling crochet items, and take note of the top wish listed crochet hooks. I wanted them to get a basic consensus of how many wooden crochet hooks are in the top 20! 50!100! Please feel free to contact me with your results and opinions.


Yarn I got from Ebay for 4 bucks

 This weeks focus is yarn. There are many places to buy affordable yarn online and today I am gonna give you some ideas on where to start.

 My first recommendation is to go toEbay. I know this sounds strange, but I bought some from a retailer on there and it was absolutely beautiful. The best part was:

-The price. I paid US$4.81 and there were no shipping fees.

-Great quality. Hands down one of the most beautiful yarn I ever worked with it is made with a small percentage of cashmere.  See there it is, I got all that for 4 bucks!

There were a few things that I didn’t feel 100% on like:

-Giving my credit card information out on Ebay, because that is the 1st time I had bought anything from them. 

-Buying an item sight unseen .  Luckily the product ended up being more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

-Waiting a few weeks for shipping ( I bought the yarn from a shop in China)

I eased some of my fear by buying a prepaid credit card.  I could have also used my online bank account.  That way,I can monitor all transactions closely.  Ebay was a blast and had much more to offer which I will talk about below.

Walmart is a goldmine for yarn. Unless you are looking for a rare fiber, Walmart can be a great for Red Heart and other popular yarns. I have saved a boatload of money their in the past, just browsing around the craft section.  Actually, the last time I was there they had Sashay yarn which is a specialty brand, so you really have to look around. I would look for yarns on the off season,  I got lightweight cotton yarn there in the wintertime for a really good price.  It is always worth it to browse around Walmart when they are having one of their famous rollback sales, you never know!

Michaels is another place that has really good yarn sales sometimes. The key to coming out on top in craft stores are waiting for a really good coupon. Sometimes you can get really good deals by looking around for coupon codes if you are shopping on the internet , and if you have a smart phone you can download them before checkout.

There are also a few websites that offer yarn on clearance . I haven’t gotten around to buying any yarn from these places yet, but here are a few websites who had yarn as low as US$2.99

  •  was a shock I was searching online, but they has yarn as low as $3. It is worth a gander.
  • had very good prices and a very nice website. The prices are very,very low and they have excellent pictures, so you get a good idea of what you are buying!
  • is another website that has a wide array of products. They are not as well-known the other places that I named but they have very low priced yarn.
  • has prices as low as 2.99 and they also have other offers that might tickle your yarn fancy.

Do you have a large crochet project that you need a lot of yarn for? You may want purchase yarns by the bag. Joann fabric also sells in bulk as do other websites like: carries a 5 and 10 skein assortment of yarn. Even though the choices are limited, it still a great online resource.

Ebay , of course, always has lots of yarn for sale at good prices. They are very certain with choices because it relies on what people post, but nevertheless ebay sells lots of yarns.  

There are also sites like Freecycle, where you can post locally and ask for crochet items like yarn. specializes in giving away and offering free things. If you are willing to talk to the people in your neighborhood and don’t mind making local pick ups, its worth a try.   

Are you familiar with It is a website that pays you with points. When your points accumulate you can buy things from others. Its similar to Ebay. People in the Listia community offer goods and and others bids on their goods. The only thing is that it takes time to build up points. But if you have something you can offer like homemade crochet needles…… You know!  I won a set of knitting needles from that site, so it is possible to win sometimes.

Finally, go on social networks and your local community and barter goods for yarn. There are plenty of crafters online willing to barter, or maybe you can trade off another service for X amount of yarn. Start a discussion about it on Twitter and Facebook. You would be surprised at the responses you’ll get, there are a lot of people who love to craft and look out for fellow crafters like you.

Do you write original knit and crochet patterns? Are you a member of Ravelry is one of the largest knit and crochet communities. It is like Etsy in a sense, but certain people will barter patterns for yarn.   When you put an item up for sale, there is a section that says I will trade this pattern for this item.  Check it out if you are interested.

My inspiration for this article came from the monthly Red Heart Yarn giveaway that my friends tweeted. Its a long shot, but I still enter every month. You never know, gotta stay optimistic,lol!

I hope I helped you today! Please tell me about your yarn adventures!

Happy Crocheting,see you soon……….!

I got my $4 yarn from my favorite store.  If you can’t find it there, his name is dimin000!


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