How to increase when crocheting in a circle

Hello, welcome to the Crochet Mix ! Today we will be talking about increasing in a round.

If you are crocheting a hat or anything where you have to add stitches , at some point you will be doing something called increasing. Increasing is adding stitches in certain rows so the project will gradually grow in size. Increases are worked in a series of rows, so that the transition of growth will be smooth and unnoticeable.

There are many ways to increase but , it almost always begins with math. You might want to determine how many stitches are in an inch. I like to take this measurement first, so I am familiar with how much larger the gauge will become when I crochet X amount of stitches. This way I will have a better idea of how much my project will increase in size, by row.


tiphone 001

After I crocheted 20 stitches with a 4mm hook. It was 5 inches in length.

We now know that there are 5 stitches per inch which will help determine how I should increase .

There are three methods for crocheting a ring:

  • The magic ring– is adjustable because the loop can be pulled closed after you have been crocheting for a while. You have the most control with this method
  • Crocheting into the ring– is used to hide the hole and stitches made from the foundation row
  • Crocheting into the stitches is the most basic method and is achieved simply crocheting in a circle.  

Let’s say that you begin with 5 stitches in a round. In this case, it would probably be easier to increase by 5 or 10, because you are already using multiples of 5. How would you increase by row? At this point you could increase by five , by crocheting into the ring or into the loops.

If you crochet into the ring , the original five stitches will be covered, by the ten new stitches you have just crocheted. Write all of the details down, like the number of rows and stitches. Right now, we just finished row 1, because we do not count the 5 stitch foundation row.

 If you do not crochet into the ring , the hole is in the middle is a little more noticeable. Even though, the hole gets a little bit smaller as you go along, you may still be able to see a small hole on the finished product.

The magic ring is good for controlling the hole and the ultimate tension of the first couple of rows. So if you like to crochet with more tension and structure, use this method.

Now you can do one of two things:

  •  You can begin increasing, by adding 1sc in the first and 2sc in the next all the way around. This is a 5 stitch increase and will leave you with 15 stitches. If you increased with this method, you will have 15 stitches, and will be increasing by five every round.
  • Or you could crochet two in each stitch,doubling the amount of stitches. If you chose this method you now have 20 stitches. So, when you increase by adding 1sc in the first stitch and 2sc in the second stitch across you will be left with 30 stitches, and will be increasing by 10 every round.

At this point measure and decide what increasing method is best for you. I am the sc a lot, I’m sorry. It means single crochet. I am only using the sc as an example because it is the most basic stitch, but you can change it to a half double crochet, or anything. This method is not etched in stone. I just want you to get a better idea of the math involved.

Whatever you decide, take note of the increases in the rows, make sure that you are increasing at the same time every row. So if your increase was 1 sc in the 1st stitch and 2 sc in the second stitch. You will continue increasing by working 1 sc into the 1st two stitches and 2sc in the third stitch all the way around.


(lets say you used the 10 stitch increase method

Crochet 1 sc in first stitch, 2sc in second= 30 stitches

Crochet 1sc in first 2 stitches , 2sc in the third all the way around= 40 stitches

Let’s say you used the 5 stitch increase:

Crochet 1 sc in first stitch, 2sc in second= 20 stitches

Crochet 1 sc in first two stitches, 2sc on the third =25 stitches.

Making sense of the increases

Since we know how many stitches are in an inch, we know that when we increase by 5 it will add an inch in circumference in every round but because it is a circle it will seem like a half inch growth). The same applies when increasing by ten, instead of two inches it will only be one inch in growth. Please take note of that and always measure.

I hope I have given you a better idea of how to increase. If you have any questions please contact me. Please send me pics of your crochet creations,I will feature them here. As always 

As always Happy Crocheting!


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