How to measure the head for a crochet hat properly


Hello, I am Tiffany of the Crochet Mix and I will be teaching you how to take an accurate measurement of a head for a crochet hat, or any other projects that uses round rows. When crocheting a hat taking accurate measurements can be confusing, well for me anyway. I think that crocheting in a round can seem overwhelming if you do not learn the foundations of measuring circles. Many have questions like, after I measure my head what do I do?

When measuring crochet rounds ,place tape measure in the center of the circle

When measuring crochet rounds ,place tape measure in the center of the

Answer: When measuring your head you have to take the circumference of the measurement. You remember those boring days in math class when the teacher was lecturing the class about diameter, circumference, and that other one what was it, pi! Now do you remember? I knew you would.

Now divide the measurement of your head by 3.14(or pi). The answer to this math question is how big the circle must be to fit your head snug, but I would give a hat a ½ inch of breathing room. This is where your handy dandy tape measure comes in. You will be measuring the circle you are crocheting every few rows so that you can stop at the accurate size. Make sure you keep your stitch markers close, because they will become your best friends.

Test Question: If you or your customer has a 21 inch head , how would you determine the circumference?

If your answer was 6.68 (approx. 6.7),you are right. Show off! At this point , you have determined the exact circumference of the prospective head. Now, add ½ inch to your measurement,or 0.5 in numeric terms You should come up with 7.3, which is approximately 7 ¼ inches

You will begin crocheting in a round taking a mental note of how much you increase in each row. This exercise will help you develop good crochet habits and may be the method used in many future projects. You will:

  • write increases in detail- you must know how many stitches you added in each row

  • count stitches-helps keep an accurate count of how many times you have increased

  • take measurements as you go along-helps assess how many stitches are made by inch

When you have reached your desired measurement, congratulations you have made your first gauge. A gauge is important for many reasons and is a blueprint of how your work will look when you use a certain fabric and a specific sized needle to make a project.

For instance, you just made a _____ inch swatch, in X amount of rows, with a ____ sized needle. Believe me you will use this in the future. Make a note in your computer or crochet notebook, so that you can refer to it for future use. I hope this brief article gave some insight on how to plan this and future projects . Happy crocheting!

Please send me your creations or ask me any questions. I promise I will rack my brain trying to answer them. I may even feature you and your dilemma in an article!



2 thoughts on “How to measure the head for a crochet hat properly

  1. Very informative post. Thank you!

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